In the Middle

Scott and Greg with Tea Boy Carl

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Wednesday 10:00 12:00

Scott and Greg with Tea Boy Carl

Scott and Greg, assisted by Teaboy Carl, bring you the biggest show of a Wednesday morning! Filled with fun and games, the boys really are back in town and raring to go. It's great music, with fun facts, chat and competitions. Don't miss playing 'The Gadget Game' too!

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In the Middle crew

Scott is a long standing member of CCR, along with his twin brother, Greg. They have done a lot of radio and TV since starting with us, and we’re proud to have them both on the station. Scott hosts In The Middle, a weekly magazine show with his brother Greg and Tea Boy Carl.

Carl has had a very interesting life, working in a range of sectors before coming to CCR. He is currently working in social care, and is a passionate supporter of disability rights. His love for folk music brought the ‘Folk Union’ show, with listeners from all over the world. He is a bit of a […]

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