All information collected and presented on this website is subject to this policy.

No information is collected which is not needed. Details about presenters, their shows, the images used for their likeness and any contact details are provided for convenience and to make the use of this website effective and simple.

Any data collected from other people, not members, is also subject to data protection regulations. We will ask for your consent to collect any data when it is to be used for marketing or to contact you in order to sell you something. Any data we collect beyond this, such as for running a competition, will not require your consent as we have a legitimate interest in collecting and using that data (for example, for contacting you about winning a competition, or in general correspondence). If we want to also use that data for marketing puposes we will ask for your permission to do so. Your consent to this can be withdrawn at any time, and we will securely remove all the data we hold which falls into this category.

You may request to see any data that we hold and process. We reserve the right to charge an administrative fee to collate that data for you. We reserve the right to refuse your request if the request is vexatious, or is not genuine, or has been made previously (and no new data has been collected).

We will never pass our data to anyone else, unless it is a legitimate law enforcement agency who need it in the course of their activities. There is no other case where your data will be given to anyone else, or processed outside of the UK.

This policy is intended to protect your rights as data subjects of the UK. It is also intended to help us run this website efficiently. This policy will be reviewed periodically, and any changes will be posted on this website only.

This policy also applies to any email systems we use that you connect to, and any SMS systems.

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