Chelmsford Community Radio is a vital community service that brings people together and provides music, news and discussion focussed on the City of Chelmsford. We rely on volunteers and support from local companies to keep going, but you can help us too.

Each donation you make will mean we can do just that little bit more to keep supporting the communities within the City, and we guarantee that you’ll get a mention on air, and a song played for you. If you’re a company, and donate just £50 we will promote your product on air with no contracts or ongoing hassles.

If you’re feeling generous, please consider sponsoring £75 to keep the station on air for a day. This is approximately what it takes to ensure the systems remain working, the rents and license fees are paid, new music is added to our play lists and the whole operation keeps going.

When you use the button below, you’ll be taken to our payment gateway, which passes your information through to a fully secure online payment processor ( Once completed, you’ll be sent back to this website.

Please consider making a monthly donation on a recurring basis. It would really help us!

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